Our Services

L&K Partners is a full-service construction management firm. We offer a full range of construction services to assist you with your project requirements.


Pre-Construction Services

The planning stage of a project will greatly determine the project’s success. The more time spent on planning, the better the quality of the preconstruction. In an ideal world, a client hires a Construction Manager during the schematic design stage to work with the design team to establish an initial budget for the project. Getting involved early in the process allows us to identify long lead items that may impact the project schedule and, in some cases, pre-purchase those items so they do not adversely affect the schedule. During this phase, we would also solicit bids from subcontractors, level all submissions and make recommendations to the client.


Budget Preparation

Our experienced team of Certified Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors will assist during the early schematic stage through design development in order to produce comprehensive trade budgets that accurately reflect the scope of work and the sequence of construction. Our highly qualified estimating department tracks and records costs from past projects which allows them to draw from this historical information to provide the most accurate budgets. By offering multiple pricing options, L&K Partners assists our clients in making informed decisions about how and where to spend their budget dollars.


Cost Management

Costs need to be more than monitored and reported; they need to be managed. Our philosophy requires us to identify all cost variances when they occur. We gather this information from multiple sources such as RFP responses, sketches, field reports and project meetings. We estimate all costs impacts immediately and advise the client of such variances to ensure the client has sufficient time to make and educated decision on whether or not to move forward with the change. 


Construction Management & Administration

The most expensive phase of a project is the construction phase when trades start working in the field. L&K Partners construction management team provides a well organized approach and methodology to ensure that information flows in an efficient and time manner. This ensures that trades in the field have all the information to build a quality product in concise time frame and no value is lost.

We ensure that there is transparency in information distribution so that all project team members are aware of their responsibilities and can respond to complexities that may arise in a timely fashion to allow work to continue on schedule and within budget. 


Cost Reporting

Cost Reporting is a proactive approach to cost management.  Our team of Chartered Quantity Surveyors  work with our clients in the early stages of design development to assist in creating a project budget.  

We collaborate with the design team throughout all stages of the project to ensure budget compliance.  Our team’s extensive experience allows them to offer creative options for design alternatives that will not compromise the design intent of the space


General Contracting Services

General Contracting Services are the foundation of what we do every day.  At L&K Partners, we coordinate activities between our clients and their consultants and draw from a portfolio of pre-qualified subcontractors to assist with the implementation of the project goals and vision.  Every trade is competitively bid to ensure the most qualified and cost conscience subcontractors are considered for our clients’ important projects. 


Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction is becoming the norm, instead of novel.   The practice of sustainable design and construction delivers projects that offer greater marketability, enable higher employee productivity and contribute to improved building efficiency.  

We work closely with our clients and their consultants to implement the best strategies to help them achieve their sustainability requirements.  Our LEED Accredited professionals continually research and implement the most current sustainable practices to assist our clients in making the most informed decisions which take into account both financial and design concerns. 


Commissioning, Final Inspection & Project Close Out

Commissioning, Final Inspection & Project Close Out:  The close out of a project is the last important step is a project’s success.  L&K Partners field staff begin the closeout phase of the project and the beginning of the construction phase.  This allows all members of the team and the trades to focus on a proactive approach to project close out rather an “after thought”.  We coordinate all applicable requirements to provide a detailed and complete close-out package within one month of client move-in