Location: 10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY
Size: 80,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 17 weeks
Architect: Design Republic
Engineer: Robert Derector Associates

L&K Partners was hired by Intersection, a technology and media company that focuses on design and improvements of urban spaces. Their newly built-out headquarters spans between two floors with an interconnecting stair between lower and upper level pantries. The space is composed of open workspaces, pantries, conferences rooms, large lounge areas, elevator lobby, and telephone rooms. Noteworthy features include an elevator lobby with motion-sensing, LED dotted walls, multi-screen wall LCD screens, and concrete sliding room dividers.

Interpublic Group

Location: 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ
Size: 14,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 20 weeks
Architect: G3 Architecture
Engineer: Cosentini Associates

Interpublic Group (IPG), is a global provider of marketing solutions specializing in consumer advertising, digital marketing, communications, public relations and specialty marketing.  L&K Partners was hired to build out a new office space for them in Jersey City, NJ.  Vibrant colors are used throughout the space, which consists of interior conference rooms, open plan workstations, private offices, collaboration booths and a combined reception/pantry area.


Location: 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ
Size: 8,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 4 weeks
Architect: ZB Space
Engineer: Robert Derector Associates

L&K Partners was hired as the general contractor for the fit-out of EXL’s audiovisual facilities in Jersey City, NJ. The space incorporates state-of-the-art audiovisual features, including a 190” 36-panel touchscreen, lighting control, and interactive information screens for clients. Other features include graphic wallpaper, wood door finishes, conference room and pantry. The space was completed ahead of an aggressive 6-week schedule and turned over to the client for grand opening day.


Location:  15 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY
Size:  15,000 square feet
Construction Schedule:  14 weeks
Owner’s Representative: VVA
Architect:  Unispace
Engineer:  WB Engineers

Slate, the online politics and culture magazine, hired L&K Partners as the construction manager for the renovation of their new office space in Downtown Brooklyn. The final result features an open office area with benching stations, conference rooms, telephone rooms, and a reception area. Construction also resulted in eight sound studios featuring two layer studs and sound proof doors. The sound studios exceed sound transmission classlevel requirements while being built to specifications, resulting in superior sound damping within budget and ahead of schedule.

M Booth / Next 15

Location:  666 Third Avenue, New York, NY
Size:  50,000 square feet
Construction Schedule:  21 weeks
Owner’s Representative: VVA
Architect:  Spector Group
Engineer:  Robert Derector Associates Consulting Engineers

M Booth and Next 15 are global communications agencies which utilize science and statistics to creatively shape consumer opinions for some of the world’s most influential brands. L&K Partners was hired as the construction manager for the build-out of their new office space in the heart of New York City. The project consisted of collaborative office spaces, private offices, conference spaces, coffee bar and lounge, and elevator lobby. Coordination of the exposed ceiling with the HVAC details while ensuring clean ceiling details was instrumental to the success of this project.

Y&R / Wunderman

Location: 3 Columbus Circle, New York, NY
Size: 350,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 24 weeks
Architect: Gensler
Engineer: JB&B

Y&R and Wunderman, both members of the WPP Group, are advertising, marketing and consulting companies. The new headquarters office consisted of ten floors with open plan work areas, collaboration spaces, a cafeteria, outdoor terrace space and multiple inter-connecting staircases. 

We worked in partnership with the client, owner’s representative, architect, and engineer to find creative solutions for meeting the aggressive schedule and achieving cost savings throughout all phases of the project.  The end result is a pristine and inspirational space that reflects the brand image of the client.


Location: 1385 Broadway, New York, NY
Size: 23,500 square feet
Construction Schedule: 14 weeks
Architect: Loffredo Brooks Architect
Engineer: Robert Derector Associates 

L&K was hired by ShoreTel to build out their new headquarters in NYC.  L&K worked with the project team on multiple site evaluations and cost benefit analysis’ to help find the best location with the best value for ShoreTel’s new office. 

L&K completed a detailed pre-construction program and built out the space within budget and schedule.  Despite a massive storm in NYC, L&K worked out of sequence to ensure that the original target move-in dates were met and ShoreTel occupied their new home on time. 

Light Reading

Location: 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
Size: 6,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 12 weeks
Architect: TSC Design
Engineer: M. Chetrit Engineers 

Light Reading, one of the leading global media and research companies, engaged L&K Partners to build out their New York headquarters space. Working in conjunction with the project architect and MEP engineers, L&K Partners was able to build out a space that reflected the company’s dynamic culture and brand image.

The new space offered the staff members open plan work areas that encouraged collaboration, as well as enclosed spaces that allowed for “heads-down” work and private conversations. 


Location: 233 Broadway, New York, NY
Size: 60,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 16 weeks
Architect: Mahar Adjmi Partners
Engineer: Goldstein 

The greater the distance between budget and concept, the more challenging and exciting the project is for us.  For Fallon’s new headquarters office, we made the whole many times the sum of its parts, by working closely with the client and the architect as part of the creative effort. 

Understanding what the architect wanted to accomplish and what the client needed, we were able to help both realize their vision.  Our skilled tradespeople created new ways to build what had never been built – or imagined – before.

Dow Jones

Location: 1155 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
Size: 50,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 16 weeks
Architect: Applied Design Initiative
Engineer: JFK&M Engineering 

Dow Jones & Company is an American publishing and financial information firm. L&K was hired to complete the build out of Dow Jones' expansion at their present location.  The project involved build out of a new floor and an upgrade to existing spaces.

The project was phased to allow for work in place and for budget control. With careful planning and coordinationby L&K's project team, the result was a successful project in which all work was completed during regular working hours and the existing tenants were not interrupted.


Location: 100 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Size: 20,000 square feet
Construction Schedule: 14 weeks
Architect: STUDIOS, CA
Engineer: Flack & Kurtz

Apple is one of the worlds best-known designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and personal computers.  L&K Partners was hired to complete the build-out of their executive briefing center in NYC.  The project involved the planning and implementation of a very sophisticated AV and presentation package. 

L&K coordinated the project details with the west coasted based project team to implement the design.  The final result was a space that reflected the iconic brand image of Apple and was completed within budget and schedule.